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03 мая 2018, 20:07

Government Hopes 1M People Share Health Data for Science

Stay on target

Uncle Sam wants you to help create the largest health database ever.

Starting Saturday, May 6, the National Institutes of Health will open enrollment for the All of Us research program—an effort to advance individualized health care.

Anyone 18 years and older, regardless of health status, is encouraged to sign up. The NIH hopes to recruit 1 million (or more) volunteers for the decade-long program; 25,000 people already enlisted in a one-year beta test.

“All of Us is an ambitious project that has the potential to revolutionize how we study disease and medicine,” Health and Human Services secretary Alex Azar said in a statement.

Specifically, as it relates to precision medicine, which is gaining traction for its effort to tailor decisions, treatments, practices, and products to the individual patient. The new approach considers differences in people’s lifestyles, environments, and biological makeup—including genes.

“The All of Us research program is an opportunity for individuals from all walks of life to be represented in research and pioneer the next era of medicine,” NIH director Francis Collins said in a statement.

“The time is now to transform how we conduct research—with participants as partners—to shed new light on how to stay healthy and manage disease in more personalized ways,” he continued. “This is what we can accomplish through All of Us.”

President Obama in 2015 announced the Precision Medicine Initiative—a $1.45 billion mission to create a network of scientists and a country-wide cohort study. Or, “a national adventure that is going to transform medical care,” as Collins described it to CBS News.

But only if enough people join.

In an era of “one-size-fits-all” medicine, not everyone gets the treatment they need. But for people like Eric Dishman, director of the All of Us program, precision medicine is a real lifesaver.

“I’m alive today because of [PM],” he said. “And I think everyone deserves that same opportunity no matter the color of your skin, your economic status, your age or your sex or gender.

“In other words, it will truly take all of us,” Dishman added.

Over the course of the program, partakers can expect to share various types of health and lifestyle information, including where they live and work, medical history, side effects, and treatment effectiveness. Some folks will be asked to provide blood and urine samples or have basic physical measurements taken.

The National Institutes of Health may eventually incorporate wearable devices and clinical trials.

“NIH’s unprecedented effort will lay the scientific foundation for a new era of personalized, highly effective health care,” Azar said. “We look forward to working with people of all backgrounds to take this major step forward for our nation’s health.”

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Source: https://www.geek.com/science/government-hopes-1m-people-share-health-data-for-science-1738863/?source